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Want enough financial resources to last through your retirement years? Want to leave a legacy for your family and charities?  Bring your problems, goals and dreams to us! We work with you to determine a retirement income strategy that serves your best interests!

What are your Priorities?

Need Help Now But No Time For A Comprehensive Review?

We have helped clients with:

  • 401(k) Rollovers
  • 529 plans
  • Mutual Funds
  • Long Term Care 
  • College Planning 
  • Asset Allocation
  • Annuities
  • Social Security and much more 

For Comprehensive Reviews and Income Planning

We address:

  • Financial Development
  • Lifestyle Protection
  • Investment Strategy
  • Estate Organization

For more detail on these areas see our the Discussion Priorities section of our ViewPoint Questionnaire. Your responses are invaluable to both you and us!

Take advantage of our complimentary services in 4 easy steps!

1. See what a sample Retirement Income Plan looks like and lets create one for you!

Retirement Income Plan Sample

3. Spend 9 minutes and do the Viewpoint questionnaire and it will show you what needs to be done for planning.

Take The Viewpoint Questionnaire

4. Lets Meet and get to know each other. Our meetings are complimentary!

2. Take a Complimentary Portfolio Risk Analysis or watch the accompanying video

Do I really need to pay taxes on retirement funds and social security and have higher medicare cost?

See Video On Taxes.

Provisional Income: These are two words you need to understand so you know whether you can reduce your Social Security taxes permanently. Three Words You also need to understand are Required Minimum Distributions

Another two words to consider carefully are Tax Treatment. These apply to everything you own. What is the tax treatment upon distribution of 401(k), IRA, Mutual Funds, Roth IRA, Qualified Annuities, Non-Qualified Annuities etc. Lets look at tax reduction strategies you can validate with your CPA. This will help you with tax diversification so you can understand how your withdrawals and income sources affect your taxable income

Retirement Income Distribution Focus Areas

We encourage clients to look at ways to keep as much of their hard earned retirement dollars!

We Focus on:

  • Reviewing the IRS 1040
  • Managing Market Volatility
  • Health and Long Term Care
  • Retiree Inflation Index
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How Well Are You Doing With Your Retirement Planning?

See how I work with you on your no cost, no obligation Financial Review.

  1. What is it you are trying to accomplish?
  2. What do you like about your current policy or investment?
  3. What is it that you don't like?
  4. Why don't you like it?
  5. What changed that made you no longer like it?
Complimentary Financial Review

Health, Long Term Care, Lifetime Time Income

Health care and long term care expenses could be your largest expenses in retirement, even out-surpassing housing and taxes. We tend to look at the macro expenses in retirement taking a 20 or 30 year view vs a 30 day view. This helps us understand where focused changes can save valuable dollars in total retirement expenses. Look at your family history of longevity and your own health profile, we can understand how much lifetime income you will need

College Planning

The workplace is very competitive, and education is key. We advocate the use of properly structured permanent life insurance programs to provide tax advantaged income for higher education expenses. We will also view other options for College Funding if the use of Life Insurance is not optimal

Manage Market Volatility & Investment Risk

Investment Risk: How much are you willing to lose in the market to gain the required rate of return you need to achieve your goals? Once we understand your RISK/REWARD profile, then we can put a Retirement Income Plan and a Risk Number together for you. We also review over a dozen other risks

Leaving a Legacy

The IRS has a default plan for PROBATE and TAXES unless we specifically design a LEGACY and TRANSFER plan for your heirs. This requires an examination of the tax treatment of all your assets upon your death. As we are not licensed Tax Professionals, we will have to do this exercise with a CPA and attorney.

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