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Retirement Income Distribution Focus Areas

We encourage clients to look at ways to keep as much of their hard earned retirement dollars!

Note, that we are NOT licensed Tax professionals but are enthusiastic about Tax Planning with a suitably qualified CPA. 

We Focus on:

  • Review the IRS 1040 for items that make sense to move to a different tax treatment and utilize tax advantaged options
    • Its important that you understand what affects Social Security Taxation and Medicare IRMAA rules
    • We recommend you do a 1040 hypothetical for age 71, so you can understand how the tax treatment 
      of what you own affects your income distribution in retirement after age 71
  • Managing Market Volatility
    • Stock Market declines can be devastating for retirees. There are several ways to address volatility risk
  • Health and Long Term Care
    • Looking at 20 or 30 year total cost projections for these and other line items in your plan can show very quickly 
      how large a sum of money is projected to be spent. With that view, we can look at how to reduce costs over your 
      anticipated lifetime
  • Retiree Inflation Index
    • The Rule of 72 shows you how many years it will take a sum to double depending on an interest rate divided into 72. Conversely, you can use it as an inflation effect tool to show how much money you will need to have the same purchasing power as years before. Example a 4% inflation rate would mean that a $50,000 household expense currently would need $100,000 in 18 years to buy what $50,000 does today.